Browns Backers of Pinellas
See you next season!
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Hello BBoP!!

Well, last week was nothing to write home about. Our beloved Brownies
failed to deliver yet again on opening day, making us 1-14 since coming back
in 1999. BUT, we are BELIEVERS and I just know we can pull out a win this week!

Sunday, September 15th
Game time is 1 pm

Let’s grab those Deadbirds in a choke hold and not let go until we have won the game!! Join us at the LUBE and cheer as loud as you can so the Browns feel the vibe!

Alert ~~~ SPECIAL EVENT! ~~~ Alert
The club will be having a Kegs & Eggs party on the patio before the Ravens game! Beer will start flowing at 11 am! Eggs and the fixin’s, beer and good friends. Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!! Come start talking about the Browns, get our juices flowing and continue on in to the Dawg Pound where we’ll watch the Brownies clobber the Ravens!

Dawgs Helping Dogs
Remember, all of September we will be collecting ANY change,(not just pennies anymore) for the puppies (& kittens or whatever!) Just bring it in and place it in the big orange jug up front, or give to any officer! During the Cincy game (week 4) we will be holding a very challenging event where you can receive a drink ticket and possibly win a $50 gift card! Say what??? You read it right… so, start collecting your change and stay tuned for more details next week. Can YOU step up to the challenge??? Start getting excited!!!

We will hold the drawing for the Early Bird Dues prize this week!


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