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2010 Results


Green Bay Packers Win: 27 - 24
St. Louis Rams Loss: 17 - 19
Detroit Lions Loss: 27 - 35
Chicago Bears Win: 13 - 10

Regular Season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sunday, Sep 12th 10:00am
Loss: 14 - 17
Kansas City Chiefs

vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday, Sep 19th 10:00am
Loss: 14 - 16
Baltimore Ravens

@ Baltimore Ravens

Sunday, Sep 26th 10:00am
Loss: 17 - 24
Cincinnati Bengals

vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, Oct 3rd 10:00am
Win: 23 - 20
Atlanta Falcons

vs. Atlanta Falcons

Sunday, Oct 10th 10:00am
Loss: 10 - 20
Pittsburgh Steelers

@ Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, Oct 17th 10:00am
Loss: 10 - 28
New Orleans Saints

@ New Orleans Saints

Sunday, Oct 24th 10:00am
Win: 30 - 17
Bye Week
New England Patriots

vs. New England Patriots

Sunday, Nov 7th 11:00am
Win: 34 - 14
New York Jets

vs. New York Jets

Sunday, Nov 14th 11:00am
Loss: 20 - 26
Jacksonville Jaguars

@ Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, Nov 21st 11:00am
Loss: 20 - 24
Carolina Panthers

vs. Carolina Panthers

Sunday, Nov 28th 11:00am
Win: 24 - 23
Miami Dolphins

@ Miami Dolphins

Sunday, Dec 5th 11:00am
Win: 13 - 10
Buffalo Bills

@ Buffalo Bills

Sunday, Dec 12th 11:00am
Loss: 6 - 13
Cincinnati Bengals

@ Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, Dec 19th 11:00am
Loss: 17 - 19
Baltimore Ravens

vs. Baltimore Ravens

Sunday, Dec 26th 11:00am
Loss: 10 - 20
Pittsburgh Steelers

vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, Jan 2nd 11:00am
Loss: 9 - 41
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