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2007 Results


Kansas City Chiefs Loss: 12 - 16
Detroit Lions Win: 23 - 20
Denver Broncos Win: 17 - 16
Chicago Bears Win: 19 - 9

Regular Season

Pittsburgh Steelers

vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, Sep 9th 10:00am
Loss: 7 - 34
Cincinnati Bengals

vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, Sep 16th 10:00am
Win: 51 - 45
Oakland Raiders

@ Oakland Raiders

Sunday, Sep 23rd 1:05pm
Loss: 24 - 26
Baltimore Ravens

vs. Baltimore Ravens

Sunday, Sep 30th 10:00am
Win: 27 - 13
New England Patriots

@ New England Patriots

Sunday, Oct 7th 10:00am
Loss: 17 - 34
Miami Dolphins

vs. Miami Dolphins

Sunday, Oct 14th 10:00am
Win: 41 - 31
Bye Week
St. Louis Rams

@ St. Louis Rams

Sunday, Oct 28th 10:00am
Win: 27 - 20
Seattle Seahawks

vs. Seattle Seahawks

Sunday, Nov 4th 2:05pm
Win: 33 - 30
Pittsburgh Steelers

@ Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday, Nov 11th 11:00am
Loss: 28 - 31
Baltimore Ravens

@ Baltimore Ravens

Sunday, Nov 18th 11:00am
Win: 33 - 30
Houston Texans

vs. Houston Texans

Sunday, Nov 25th 11:00am
Win: 27 - 17
Arizona Cardinals

@ Arizona Cardinals

Sunday, Dec 2nd 2:05pm
Loss: 21 - 27
New York Jets

@ New York Jets

Sunday, Dec 9th 2:15pm
Win: 24 - 18
Buffalo Bills

vs. Buffalo Bills

Sunday, Dec 16th 11:00am
Win: 8 - 0
Cincinnati Bengals

@ Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, Dec 23rd 11:00am
Loss: 14 - 19
San Francisco 49ers

vs. San Francisco 49ers

Sunday, Dec 30th 11:00am
Win: 20 - 7
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