Browns Backers of Pinellas
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Kristin Rippel – President

BBoP Member Since: 2006

Favorite Browns Memory:
I remember the Hall of Fame game that was held in my hometown. It was 1999 and the Cleveland Browns beat the Dallas Cowboys 20-17 in overtime. After a three year absence, it felt great to cheer for them again!

“I am currently serving as President of BBoP and previously served as Treasurer for 5 years. I was born and raised in Canton, Ohio, home of the Professional Football Hall of Fame. I grew up enjoying football in northeast Ohio and traveled one hour north to experience the Browns on Sundays. What an experience it was! Orange and brown everywhere! Die-hard fans cheering in Eskimo weather with icicles dripping off body parts! Wow! I was hooked! Everyone was family. Browns fans are loyal, passionate, tenacious, and so much fun! BBoP conveys that same Browns Stadium feeling. I’m proud to be part of this group and to share in its support of local and national charities – and of the Cleveland Browns, who will eventually win that elusive Super Bowl!”

Kristin Rippel - President

Dave Ward – Vice President

Dave Ward - Vice President

Michele Evans – Treasurer

BBoP Member Since: 1994

Favorite Browns Memory:
The year our club hosted a spaghetti dinner and Otto Graham attended. We raised a lot of money for Hospice, our charity at the time.

“I have been a Browns fan since the time when my memories began. I can remember my mom putting her signs and colors in the window every season (she was a very big fan). I grew up in Medina – at the time, it was a small town just south of Cleveland. Now it’s a very crowded town full of people that work in Cleveland. When we moved to Florida we had no thought of joining a Brown’s club – we figured we would become Tampa Bay fans. That certainly didn’t pan out since their team had a worse record than the Browns at the time! We heard about the club from a friend of ours – at that time they were meeting at the Green Parrot in Largo. We have stayed with the club because of the camaraderie and because of all the great charitable things our club does. I became an officer so that I could affect and support positive growth for our club.”

Michele Evans - Treasurer

David Dettling – Secretary

BBoP Member Since: 2007

David Dettling - Secretary

Judy B. Goode – Keeper Of The Pound

Judy B. Goode - Keeper Of The Pound
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