Browns Backers of Pinellas
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Club Membership

Membership has its benefits! It’s not just about officially proclaiming your Browns fanship, it’s about guaranteeing your seat for every game. It’s about helping your community. It’s about getting stuff for free.

Top 7 Reasons to become a BBoP Member

  1. 10% off food and beverages at Quaker Steak & Lube!
  2. Save $2 on Dawg Pound seating over guests and get a free 50/50 raffle ticket!
  3. Exclusive BBoP members-only prize giveaways!
  4. Subscription to the BBoP e-newsletter!
  5. Weekly trivia contest for Quaker Steak gift cards!
  6. Chances to win free beers or sodas anytime the Browns score!
  7. Help organizations throughout the community!

Benefits for Everyone (Guests Included)

Even if you’re not a BBoP member, that doesn’t mean you’re not welcome to come join in the festivities! We love having visitors in our Dawg Pound. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a good time on gameday. That’s why everyone can take advantage of all this:

  1. See all the regular season Browns games with fellow Browns fans!
  2. Chances to enter a 50/50 cash raffle at every game!
  3. Charity contests are open to everyone!
  4. Weekly trivia contest for Quaker Steak gift cards!
  5. Chances to win free beers or sodas anytime the Browns score!

How to become a BBoP Member

Come to any Browns game at Quaker Steak & Lube, the home of the BBoP, and look for the membership table on the left as you enter. membership dues are as follows:

$15 – single membership

$25 – couples membership (must have same address)

Children 16 and under are FREE!

Gameday Admission Policy

One benefit to becoming a BBoP member is a seat on gameday. Therefore, ONLY members and their guests will be allowed into the big room until 12:45 each gameday. After that time, anyone can come into the Dawg Pound – providing they pay the weekly admission fee of $1 per member and $3 per guest.

Our door charge is the ONLY ongoing means of club support. Our membership fees pay for our newsletters, prizes, TD beer toss, trivia prizes, parades, website fees, office supplies, and decorations. WE NEED YOUR WEEKLY DOLLARS to remain a strong and viable club. Please do not bypass the sign-in door and forfeit your chance for weekly prizes.


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